Another Writing Site… Legit or Not?

April 8, 2015


A simple person with simple dreams and aspirations in life. A Registered Nurse who enjoys writing in different online site.

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5 Responses

  1.' Deepa says:

    Hope only good writers join this site and keep writing good articles

  2. charmingchel says:

    You’re probably right, my dear Deepa. I am not really a good writer, but then, I’m trying to be one, not now… but, in the long run. I’m still learning… and willing to learn.

  3. elmcee1813 says:

    Just only today I receive also an email at first I had hesitations to register but I still have second thoughts why not try it and so that is why I am here today my friend making my post here.

  4. JollyKaran says:

    I chatted with you last night and see I am here today.. i told you that there is nothing wrong in trying.. Who knows this site may be the saviour for all of us disappointed faces.. If we have hope, we have everything and you are right my friend, there is no harm in trying this site either..

  5.' FreeLancee says:

    Hi there. I like your post and wist to hear more from you.
    In addition, I would like to ask for some little help: I joined the site recently and am still in the dark about how to publish a post.Everytime I write a post, it is taken to the drafts section. I cannot see the publish/post button anywhere. Kindly assist me on how one publishes an article

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