Are people in love happier than single ones?

April 9, 2015'


I love to write about love. Whenever I feel inspired I tend to write poems. I love to watch movies also.

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3 Responses

  1. JollyKaran says:

    See, at some point of time, we all need a partner.. Talking about me, I have just had a broke up with my girlfriend and I know how painful it was and it is still hurting me, daily.. To be frank, I am always sad when I am alone, but I try to find ways to divert my mind.. Honestly, she was the most beautiful phase of my life..

  2.' sweetloveforever says:

    JollyKaran sorry to hear that. I really wish that soon you can let her go. You will find your soul mate one day. I believe that things end for a reason. Maybe things ended between you guys because she isn’t the one for you. It was a good time of your life sure but try to accept that it ended and you need to move on. Thinking about what happened will make you feel worse and won’t allow you to move on with your life. Try to be always busy with something so will be easier to let go things.

  3.' BabyBubbles says:

    Being in a relationship empowered me as a woman. But when having a break up, was the saddest part of it. Being single, is just good while waiting for the time time that love will knock in the the hearts of two people. But for me, as married, I love the relationship I have with my husband

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