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How to Maintain Weight Loss Results

Everyone has a certain weight to height ratio that once achieved, helps maintain your overall health. Imagine you finally obtain your ideal and most healthy weight possible, but now you need to maintain it!...

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Ways To Avoid And Relieve Back Pain

Bar an accident, most back often arise from the way we sit, walk, sleep, stand, and exercise.  It is therefore important to always maintain good posture in whatever you do. In the gym, do...

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STI’s and when to be tested!

The truth about STI’s is that for many people they will never develop any symptoms.  If you have had unprotected sex and feel you are at risk of an STI, the earlier you get...

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What is the flu?

The flu is an extremely common illness. Regardless of age, all people may be affected by the flu. Generally, the flu is more common in winter, although it can be detected all the year...

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Details about Less Practitioner Course

In all software companies, the projects will be developed and delivered to their clients. During the project development, they will undergo the agile process without fail. The agile process is very important part in...