Do you believe in love at first sight?

April 8, 2015

guardar para ultimo'


I love to write about love. Whenever I feel inspired I tend to write poems. I love to watch movies also.

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4 Responses

  1. elmcee1813 says:

    Yeah that is really true I know that there is someone we deserve much better to our love. If the right time comes that you found the one don’t waste any single time it might be you’re the one you been waiting for.

  2.' sweetloveforever says:

    elmcee1813 you are completely right. Yes I won’t waste any time as soon as I find the right guy 😉 hope you find yours soon too.

  3.' BabyBubbles says:

    I do believe that we really have a soulmate not yo search for, but he/she will just come into our life unexpectedly. I guess, I found mine. My husband.

  4. ms.lady57 says:

    I do believe love at first sight. Now it always don’t work that way for some but for my husband fell in love with me when he first laid eyes on me and that was forty one years ago and we are still married today and love him just as much I loved him forty one years ago and even more. He is is my best friend, my partner in life and we married young while we were yet in our teens.

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