Only Time will Tell

April 8, 2015'


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2 Responses

  1.' kareldekar says:

    Hi Raman,
    This is not a forum where you can write this types of hi/hello post..if you have hi/hello post or any complain or query we can open a forum for the user as well. where you can open claim for any kind scam..But please do not publish this types of post in this site..

    Write good materials and take your share its can not complain in advance which is not happened yet here..

  2.' raaman says:

    Hi kareldekar,
    I know it is not a forum. It is not a hi/hello post. It is not a complaint. I never intent to publish this type of posts. It is not a complaint in advance as you perceive. It is just my opinion and hope that at least this site will do justice to people who spend their valuable time and energy in creating content. You can very well find a few more posts like this here. Thank you.

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