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10 Awesome Accessories Every PC Gamer Needs

Whether you’re chasing your rivals around Nurburgring, getting leaderboard-topping killstreaks, or setting speed run records, being properly equipped for the job goes a long way in improving your gaming experience. You probably already have...

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Potential Answers To The Opioid Epidemic

Federal and state drug laws have regulated the use of several ‘controlled substances’. However, the issue of marijuana and opioids has been prominent in recent legal and political debates. Legalization Marijuana has now been...

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Tips for Hiring Remote Workers

The Internet has allowed a lot more flexibility when it comes to who a company can hire and where their employees will work. This flexibility has benefits both for business owners as well as...

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What Happens If You Get a DUI?

  It is a felony to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs in any US state, which can have serious legal, financial and career repercussions. Not only could you face court appearances...