Karel Dekar

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Positive thinking

– Open your mind If you are on a modicum of understanding and intelligence, you must have noticed the continuous and sustained change mechanism that controls our world. Mechanism that supports our evolution as...

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The Artist In Me

My hubby will come home soon. After eight months of working abroad, he is now ready for his vacation. At last he will see his daughter for the first time, in person and thru...

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I Feel Very Sad

Today, I had a call from a trading company. I was surprised because they are the one who are calling. And they say that the location of their office is at the port. The...

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General health tips

General health tips Health is most important and truly it is the greatest wealth. I am providing a few tips which will help you tick off the necessary things you should do each day...

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The hope !

…the hope! I just found out about the existence of this platform, and I made this account. Because I have had bad experiences with other similar platforms admit that I’m a little wary! I...