The hope !

April 9, 2015'



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  1.' Mindy says:

    Nice to see you here. I’m still working on my first post. I’m having a hard time reaching the 600 words. I may just have to write about something else instead of an introductory one.

  2.' blitzking says:

    6 cents!!!???!!!
    in 11 days I made 6 cents on this article!
    6 cents on an article? No wonder that there is no activity here!

  3.' FreeLancee says:

    Hi there. I like your post and wist to hear more from you.
    In addition, I would like to ask for some little help: I joined the site recently and am still in the dark about how to publish a post.Everytime I write a post, it is taken to the drafts section. I cannot see the publish/post button anywhere. Kindly assist me on how one publishes an article

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